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Natural Healing for Schizophrenia & Other Common Mental Disorders

2012 Revised 3rd ed, 4th printing

"Eva Edelman has compiled a magnificent and needed contribution to the field of mental health... Well-organized, clearly written, and comprehensive in scope, it will without doubt change the lives of the sufferers and families with mental illness... Should be required reading for psychiatrists, psychologists and other health professionals as well as for those planning medical school curriculum and national health policy... A superb work, a beacon of hope." — Dr. Ralph Golan, MD

"An invaluable resource... enlightens us all in the medical profession, and will give great hope and comfort to patients." — Dr. Oscar Rogers Kruesi, MD, FACP

"Could qualify as a textbook which should be required reading for every mental health professional. At the same time, this superb compendium contains a wide range of information which would benefit any non-professional interested in the biochemistry of behavior or just maintaining health." — Dr. Hugh D. Riordan, MD

"A superb, detailed account of orthomolecular treatment."— Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD, father of orthomolecular medicine

Natural Healing for Schizophrenia & Other Common Mental Disorders

A Compendium of Nutritional Approaches

Natural Healing for Schizophrenia & Other Common Mental Disorders is a state-of-the-art resource detailing natural treatments for schizophrenia and other mental and emotional disorders.

Natural treatments have been developed over the past half century by pioneering physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and biochemists; and represent an unprecedented breakthrough in the treatment of schizophrenia. These treatments have been found to lead to a 75 to 85% rate of recovery or great improvement, which is in stark contrast to expectations with mainstream methods. Natural treatments also do not produce the brain suppression and damage all too common in the conventional approach but, rather, tend to enhance the health of both brain and body.

Natural Healing for Schizophrenia should be of prime interest to patients and their families, as well as physicians and other health professionals searching for more effective treatments. Individuals interested in brain biochemistry and the influence of nutrients, toxins, and illness on brain functioning will also find this book valuable. To see acclaim by key practitioners, click here.

Third edition, Fourth printing, Revised, 2012. Foreword by Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD.
Contains glossary, resources, recommended reading, and extensive references.
Illustrated. 8.5 x 11, 256 pages. $29.95. ISBN: 0965097676. LCCCN: 00-093454

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